Conscious consumerism, sometimes called ethical consumerism or green consumerism, means consumers deliberately making purchasing decisions that they believe have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

In short, it means shopping with sustainably in mind. This can cover either buying a specific product or choosing not to buy anything at all, both are conscious decisions. We are all so used to democracy, freedom of speech, freedom to choose what we want to wear, what to eat, where to live, etc. So why don’t we put consciousness at the core of those choices where we exercise our power as consumers to be planet positive? There are plenty of articles and data points that have labored this point home to us, that human consumption is currently unsustainable if we want to preserve our planet for our future generations. By choosing to buy products that are made sustainably, we reduce our environmental footprints, and in the end look after this planet we have been blessed with for our coming generations.

Benefits of conscious consumerism

Choosing to shop consciously can be a win-win for ALL – You, Your finances and Mother Earth.

There isn’t a cookie cutter process to practice conscious consumerism. One of the reasons it can be difficult for consumers to practice conscious consumerism is the lack of transparency when it comes to measuring and understanding the impacts of a company’s practices.  

Usually as consumers, we don’t have all the details and data to be able to do our due diligence and make the right choices. So a simple way is to just think about values they hold close to their heart and try to make decisions based on that, because otherwise you can really drive yourself crazy.

As individuals, we feel so distant from the details on the origins of the products we buy in stores or online, so it is normal to not be able to see how changing your buying decisions can make a difference, but be rest assured, it does!

First of all, you’re buying a quality product that is made from naturally available materials. What you put on your skin or interact closely with in your every day life is safe for you, your family and the environment. Then, your money goes into buying products that made by business that have the best interest of the planet in mind and more importantly do what they are so passionate about, so you are encouraging them and other skilled innovators. And finally its pure economics – the more you buy the “good stuff”, the more products are likely to be available for you. And when demand meets supply we are likely to get affordable products that are sustainable.

So make small changes today, join the movement, exercise your consumer power for the greater good!
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